Orion Span’s Aurora Space Station Hotel

Jan 16, 2019

Category: Living

The age of space exploration is upon us, and with a variety of companies already selling numerable spaces for low-gravity getaways, it’s no surprise that some of the industry’s biggest players are hopping aboard. Orion Span has definitely taken note, developing an innovative space tourism wing that’s being used to market some of the first civilian trips out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The company’s Aurora Space Station is a bold new project that’s hoping to fill the niche for luxury hotels among the stars, bringing a 12-day astronomical experience to six individuals at a time — and at 200 miles above the Earth’s surface, it’s an exclusive trip that won’t soon be forgotten. While the first proprietors of this authentic space station will be cruising in low Earth orbit, they’ll be exposed to exhilarating zero-gravity movement, views of the northern and southern aurora, a VR holodeck, and a sustainable connection to family members via smart devices and high-speed wireless internet services. Expectedly, the investment toward such an experience is relatively high — an $80,000 deposit is required to secure your place in line, and when the station is finally launched in 2022, a $9,500,000 price tag will set those serious about space exploration apart from the rest of us.

Purchase: $80,000

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