Orbitkey Upgrades Its Clip EDC Keychain With A Quick-Release Fidlock Buckle

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Orbitkey has slowly deployed a steady stream of incredibly intuitive and practical EDC items, from key-organizers and everyday carry carabiners to wireless charging cases and Bluetooth trackers. And just in time for the holiday season, the EDC outfit has introduced a new and improved version of one of its most popular items with the Orbitkey Clip v2.

Like the first generation, the Clip v2 is comprised of a carabiner with a wide gate opening that can accommodate up to ten keys and is linked to a detachable keychain, however, the carabiner is now made from a hardwearing zinc alloy and the detachable Orbitkey Ring has been swapped out for a new D-ring. The most notable change, however, is the quick-release mechanism, which sees the new version replace its predecessor’s sliding-buckle setup with a magnetic quick-release Fidlock buckle. While largely subtle, these minor tweaks collectively result in an even more convenient and useful quick-release EDC keychain. Available now in two colors, the Orbitkey Clip v2 is priced at $43.

Purchase: $43