Get All The Way Away Aboard This Space Hotel As Soon As The Year 2025

With a growing number of extremely-well-funded, privately-owned space agencies entering the industry, the prospect of civilian commercial space tourism is closer than ever before. And though seats are currently being sold on maiden space voyages — including the XCOR and SpaceX’s Dragon capsule —we’ve just reached another important milestone in interstellar tourism and travel with the announcement of the first-ever commercial space hotel and condo facility.

Christened the Voyager Station, this wildly ambitious project was born out of a collaboration between the Gateway Foundation and the Orbital Assembly Corporation which describes itself as the world’s first large-scale space construction company. The station’s made up of a large outer rim that’s linked to modular pod units and will be the first habitable space station with artificial gravity. On top of restaurants, theaters, shops, boutiques, and spas, the space station will also pack a 400 guest hotel and luxury villas that are available through short and long-term leasing programs. The use of reusable rockets to facilitate travel to and from the station should also help to keep costs down, making space tourism more accessible for the average citizen. The Gateway Foundation and Orbital Assembly hope to have construction completed by as soon as 2025.

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