ORA GrapheneQ Hi-Fi Headphones

It was in 2004 that graphene, the “wonder material,” was first discovered. It is the thinnest material possible and 200 times stronger than steel. And, as it turns out, it’s also the perfect thing out of which to craft speaker cones. Since it’s discovery, however, nobody has leveraged it into audio equipment – until now. Allow us to introduce the ORA GrapheneQ hi-fi headphones.

GrapheneQ, for reference, is a proprietary nano-composite built by ORA Sound that’s acoustically optimized for use in loudspeakers. That means that this version of graphene is the most ideal for audio electronics. It offers one of the smoothest frequency response curves of any driver on the market – including those offered by big-name competitors – and even reduces power consumption. Plus, on top of offering some of the best sound quality out there, these headphones are also equipped with button-free gesture controls, the option for wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and all at a fraction of the price of other hi-fi wireless headphones. In fact, if you back them on Kickstarter now, you can get a pair for just $329.

Kickstarter: $329+