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OPPO & nendo Team Up On An Eight-Hinge Folding Smartphone Concept

Though the first folding smartphone concept was unveiled all the way back in 2006, it wasn’t until more recently that these folding phones have started to gain traction, with major players like Samsung and Huawei releasing production models over the last few years that have set the standard in this space. As breakthroughs continue to be made in flexible display and battery technologies, a growing number of companies are looking to get in on the emerging segment, the latest of which is OPPO, which has joined forces with Japanese design studio, nendo to deliver a folding smartphone concept known as the “slide phone.”

Allowing for an incredibly compact and pocketable phone that can expand when taking notes, watching videos, playing games, or taking photos, the conceptual smartphone takes the idea of folding to the next level, with the slide phone sporting a rectangular design with eight separate joints that allow for a myriad of different positions. When each joint is folded, the pivoting nature of the phone reveals an interior leather construction offered in numerous color options. It’s unclear if the OPPO x nendo slide phone Concept will ever make it to production, though more information can be found via the link below.

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