OPKIX One Mountable Camera

OPKIX’s mission with their OPKIX ONE camera was to create the smallest, most compact yet powerful mountable camera to capture video and photography. With a super high resolution and near-microscopic built, the OPKIX One Camera is the wearable camera of the future.

At just the size of a small lighter, you can wear the OPKIX camera around your neck or on your finger as a ring. Yet still, it offers a ton of power for its compact size. A 1080 x 1080 display @30fps, IP-67 dust and water resistance, an aerospace aluminum case, 70 minutes of imageĀ capture, and the ability to pair seamlessly with your iPhone are part of a host of features that make this little device so impressive. Other accessories, like a ring mount, sunglasses mount, necklace mount, and stick make this camera one of the most fun to play with on the market.

Purchase: $350