Opinel No. 9 DIY Knife

While we believe that knives are incredibly useful tools that everyone should carry with them at all times, we readily admit that they cannot be used to accomplish every task that might arise. So, when knife makers can take that into account and produce something that envelops all the things we love about a capable folding blade and still manage to add a few extra functions, we tend to notice. One of the oldest folding knife manufacturers in the world, French brand Opinel, has done just that.

The DIY (which stands for Do It Yourself) features everything we love about the brand’s classic No. 9 blade – a simple handle, a stainless steel blade, and their proprietary double Virobloc safety ring – yet has a few welcome additions. The base of the blade’s edge features two extra notches that function as a wire cutter and wire stripper. The handle, instead of the traditional beechwood, is made from a very strong polyamide. And there’s a notch in the base of the handle into which either of the included flat head or philips head driver bits (which fit into the notches on the side of the handle for built-in storage) can be inserted for screwdriver capabilities. This very capable and durable folder can be yours for just $26. [Purchase]