This High-Tech Haptic 3D-Printed Bionic Arm Is Fully Customizable

There was a time when prosthetic limbs were little more than stiff mannequin arms or rudimentary hook-like devices. But technology has since elicited some pretty major advancements — to the point at which there are now high-tech options available with near-biological levels of articulation and capabilities. And with brands like Open Bionics pushing the tech even further, they’re also more customizable and affordable than ever.

The company’s flagship device, the Hero Arm, is the world’s first medically-certified 3D-printed bionic arm. The multi-grip prosthetic is also super-intuitive and easy to use; users really only have to put it on and go about their day. But what makes this option really excellent, besides its impressive ability to lift up to 17 pounds, is that it comes with a huge number of customizable, easily-swappable cover options — including designs from Disney, Marvel, and more. Best of all, the Hero Arm is remarkably affordable, starting at just $3,000. Made in Bristol, the Hero Arm is available in the UK, USA, and France right now.

Purchase: $3,000+