Opel Vivaro Surf Van

Opel has unveiled a brand new van specifically designed with surfers in mind. It’s called the Vivaro Surf, and it comes with a slew of features that surfing-enthusiasts will love.

The concept vehicle is able to haul six people to and from the beach, and it comes with a special roof rack for all of their boards. It has a lot of storage available on the interior, thanks to the wide spaces under the seats. The back of the van is designed to hold the wet and sandy surfing gear. It also has a parking-lot heater that will keep the cabin nice and toasty without having to turn the engine on. The van also comes with integrated Wi-Fi so that owners can share their captured surf footage immediately, or they can keep themselves entertained if the surf is not cooperating. The van gets 38 miles per gallon, and it uses a 142 horsepower turbo diesel engine. It’s likely to only be sold in Europe for now, with the potential for GM to bring it to the U.S. in the near future.

Opel Vivaro Surf 2

Opel Vivaro Surf 3

Opel Vivaro Surf 4

Opel Vivaro Surf 5

Opel Vivaro Surf 6

Opel Vivaro Surf 7