Opel’s Speedy Corsa-E Is The World’s First All-Electric Rally Car

There’s no shortage of all-electric automotive platforms out there, and recently, they’ve been making a name for themselves in almost every genre of driving. From electric tourers to instantaneously-powered race cars, the push toward battery-driven platforms hasn’t been subtle, in any sense of the word; but, that might not be a bad thing. For lovers of internal combustion engines, it’s a sign of the end — but, for those who are willing to take the deep dive into the new frontier of automotive, it’s never been more exciting.

Opel is one such manufacturer. After wading the waters of progressive design, and implementing the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies into their well-rounded catalog of vehicles, the German company has announced the world’s first electric rally car. The race-oriented Opel Corsa-E, as it’s been dubbed, was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and boasts the same 134 horsepower engine as the company’s original Corsa offering. Thanks to the vehicle’s 50-kWh battery, drivers will be able to travel up to 205-miles, making it a prominent contender for overland racing. But, while the car might sport the same electric powerplant as its standard counterpart, it also features a slew of performance-oriented upgrades, including adjustable disc brakes, an off-road suspension, and a mechanical limited-slip differential, making it a force to be reckoned with on, an off the roadway. Inside, a full roll cage brings the Corsa-E’s once-tame interior to life. While the racer won’t be available for some time, you’ll be able to see the capable platform in action at the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup series next summer.

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