Ooho Edible Water Bottle

Edible water. It isn’t quite an oxymoron but it sure doesn’t sound right. Despite that fact, a small group by the name of Skipping Rocks Lab has embarked on a mission to make such a thing reality with their weird but intriguing Ooho Edible Water.

The thinking behind this project was to try and find a way to easily transport water without using plastic. First, the team kicked around the idea of biodegradable water bottles, but that seemed too boring. So instead, they’re trying their hand at edible water. The way this works is by dropping a piece of ice in a mix of brown algea extract and calcium chloride. The result is that when the ice melts, the seaweed based membrane stays in-tact. Don’t quite feel that hungry? You can just bite, suck, and toss the shell. It’ll biodegrade in under 6 weeks. Whether you pack these along with you for a long bike ride or before heading out for a festival weekend – they’re sure to draw some attention while also keeping you hydrated.

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