Ontario Marine Raider Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife, famously named after the Alamo hero James Bowie, is one of the few types of commonly known knives that was created specifically for combat. In fact, it was originally designed by James Bowie’s brother Rezin and given to the hero as a means to protect himself after having been shot. Since its creation in the mid-1800s, it has seen many changes, both to its overall silhouette and to its material construction. This one, made by the Ontario Knife Company, is one of the best modern examples we’ve ever seen.

A part of the brand’s Spec Plus Next Generation series – a collection of blades designed for military, rescue, and sporting use – this beastly blade sports an intimidating all-black finish. The plain edge blade, measuring in at a whopping 9.75 inches, is made from corrosion resistant 1095 carbon steel. It’s also hardened to a Rockwell rating of 57-59. The blade is made from super durable Kraton, which offers excellent resistance to the elements, and features finger grooves for superb grip and a piped lanyard hole. Each of these knives comes with a leather Cordura sheath and retails for $54. [Purchase]