OneUp EDC Bike Pump

Whether you spend most of your time ripping up and down hillsides during enduro competitions or just trying to get to work without shouldering an overstuffed bag, finding ways to consolidate your gear is a never-ending task for cyclists. Thanks to OneUp Components’s new EDC Pump, however, doing exactly that just got a lot easier.

More than just filling your tires with air, the 100cc version of the brand’s pump can hold OneUp’s EDC system as well as an extra air canister for quickly filling fresh tubes. The tool kit (sold separately from the pump) features 7 different hex wrenches, a tire lever, chain breaker, flat head screwdriver, some keys, and a T25 Torx bit head among handful of other tools. All of this combined with the lightweight bottle cage mount essentially means you can strap a tiny toolbox to your frame for while adding only 160 grams in weight. Pound for pound, this may be the most useful bike utility tool we’ve ever seen.

Purchase: $60