ONE80 Headlamp

If you are getting up to much of anything in the dark – it really helps to have a hard working headlamp at your disposal. They light up the night while allowing you to keep your hands free to hike, work, or search for whatever it is you’ve lost. Despite being so useful, most headlamps on the market still suffer from some design flaws, especially when it comes to providing peripheral vision. The ONE80 Light doesn’t have that problem.

Using a strip of 20 ultra powerful LED lights, the ONE80 gives you 180 degrees of vision. Say goodbye to worrying about whether you’re missing something in that tunnel of light. Not only are these great at giving you a full spectrum of light, they charge quickly and easily via USB cable, and can be worn around your either your head or waist. Weighing only a few ounces – this is a no brainer for folks who like to hike late at night. Prices start at $44. [Purchase]

ONE80 Light 1

ONE80 Light 2

ONE80 Light 3