OnCore Genius Golf Ball

Jan 30, 2018

Category: Tech

15K G-Force. That is how much energy is applied to a golf ball when its struck with a driver. That intense amount of energy has made it incredibly hard for even the most famous (and resource-rich) golf companies to embed tracking, or ‘smart’ technology into their balls. A small upstart competitor called OnCore, however, may have beat them to the punch with the GENiUS Golf Ball.

By leveraging the existing hollow steel core technology used in their Elixr golf balls, OnCore was able to place a number of sensors into the GENiUS that can track a ball’s distance, velocity, trajectory, spin rate, and location. All of this data shows up immediately on a golfer’s Apple or Android phone, providing real-time feedback on every single drive. Have a particularly good afternoon on the green? Just like with Strava, the accompanying app makes it easy to share on social media or with your friends in the clubhouse. All things said, this new ball seems to be a promising piece of tech for those looking to analyze data in order to gain insights on how best to improve their golf game.

Purchase: $100

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