Ranger Kerambit EOD

Chances are that if you’ve been doing the same thing for over 100 years like the Ontario Knife Company has – you’re probably pretty damn good at it. Just look at the company’s new American made Ranger Kerambit as evidence.

Made from a piece of 5160 blade steel that is set in a tough micarta handle, this knife is built specifically to withstand the stresses and heavy use that comes with combat deployment. A little over a quarter-inch thick and three inches long, the fixed steel blade was given a flat grind and a black powder coating for a mean look and cut. For quick access this kerambit comes with a kydex sheath that fits on your belt. Add it to the arsenal for just $100. [Purchase]

Ranger Kerambit 1

Ranger Kerambit 2

Ranger Kerambit 3

Ranger Kerambit 4