These Carbon-Plated Marathon Kicks Are On’s Most Athlete-Informed Shoes Ever

Up until recently, Nike’s carbon-plated kicks were largely uncontested in their race-day dominance, helping runners break records to the point that even the World Athletics Association had to revise its regulations. As such, competing manufacturers have been faced with a difficult choice: to let their athletes rock the Big Swoosh’s shoes or to create a Vaporfly vanquisher of their own.

With the announcement of the ‘Cloudboom Echo,’ Swiss-based running specialist On has decided that enough is enough — Nike’s become far too comfortable atop the marathon podium. Developed over the course of two years using both real-world feedback and extensive lab testing, it makes for the most “athlete-involved” shoe On has ever created. Underneath, the Cloudboom Echo rides on two layers of CloudTec cushioning, a redesigned, rocker-shaped Speedboard, as well as a superlight Helion foam. In theory, the combination should make it protective enough to handle high milage yet responsive enough for speed work, with the added benefit of reducing a runner’s fatigue over time. While we don’t know much more at this point, you’ll be able to pick it up for $270 starting June 22nd.

Purchase: $270

Photo: On Running