Omnideck 360 Degree VR Treadmill

Aug 17, 2018

Category: Tech

There’s no denying the fact that virtual reality is the wave of the future in regards to video gaming. But current rigs are a bit limited, as they necessitate that you stay stationary while you play. That’s all about to change, however, thanks to the Omnideck 360-degree VR platform.

Measuring up at 13.8 feet in diameter, this circular treadmill platform is made up of 16 motorized modules – creating a 360-degree walking area that allows the user to physically move around. And this unheard of level of immersion doesn’t even require special equipment, as the Omnideck is compatible with current VR platforms (like the HTC Vive in their photos). All you have to do is plug it in and get to playing. There’s no word yet on pricing and availability, but we can’t imagine this revolutionary tech will stay secret for too long.

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