OmniBall Rollling Weights

You think you’ve got your ab-routine or pushup form dialed in? Throw yourself a curveball with a pair of the OmniBall Rolling Weights.

These brilliant spheres use a special patented ball bearing system that provides for a full 360 degrees of mobility. That means when you strap them on your hands or feet with the sturdy velcro fastening you’ll have to use a lot more of your core and stabilizing muscles to accomplish even the most simple movements. Weighing four pounds each, they can act as a counter balance during a yoga routine, or even serve as a pair of weights for your shoulder workouts. Still not quite sure what you could use these for? Not to worry. The OmniBall has an accompanying app that gives you the rundown on all of the different full body, in-home, or group exercises you can tackle with these. No matter what type of workout, these are sure to be a fun challenge for even the best athletes.

Purchase: $80