Virtuix’s Omni One Is A Fully-Immersive 360-Degree VR Gaming Treadmill

Virtual Reality has been a pipe dream for the gaming industry for decades, but thanks to a number of innovations within the last few years, things are finally looking up for the genre. With each generation of VR, we move toward a truly immersive experience within any number of digital worlds. Now, Virtuix’s ‘Omni One’ is bringing us one step closer to that dream — in both a literal and figurative sense.

The Omni One VR Treadmill is a unique tech piece that draws inspiration from the 2018 science-fiction film, Ready Player One. Though, to say that it was contrived off of Wade Watts’ virtual reality gaming station might be blasphemous. As it turns out, the Omni One has been in development since 2017, where it began as a large, unintuitive platform in dire need of renovation. Now, three years later, the Omni One is in a much better place, thanks to its simplified, single-vest design, 360-degree movement arm, and tread pad. As a result, your movements, are recorded in real-time, allowing you to walk, jog, run, crouch, jump, and peek in-game. This opens the doors for a variety of development dynamics, as well as near-complete immersion in virtual worlds. Head to Virtuix’s website to learn more, or invest in the platform prior to its $1,995 release.

Purchase: $1,995