Omega Enlisted NASA’s Help For This Moon-Ready Speedmaster Strap

The connection between Omega and NASA goes back to 1962 when Wally Schirra wore his own person Speedmaster during the Mercury Mission. In 1965, NASA qualified the Speedmaster for manned space flights, and in 1969 Buzz Aldrin had one on his wrist when he stepped onto the lunar surface. Speedys have been a huge part of the space program ever since, and now Omega and NASA have come together to create a new strap for the Speedmaster — and you don’t have to be an astronaut to buy one.

The new Omega NASA Speedmaster Moonwatch Velcro Strap comes in three flavors: black, white, and gray. The two-piece Velcro strap consists of a NASA “meatball” logo-adorned short end equipped with a stainless steel oval ring loop, and a longer end with “Speedmaster Moonwatch” branding. There is no shortage of NASA-branded accessories available from other companies, but most are unofficial. The fact that these straps were a joint production between NASA and Omega, two companies with a near-60-year relationship, puts these straps a cut above your average space-themed gear. Plus, Omega claims the straps have “astronaut-friendly fixtures” — and they should know.

Purchase: $190