OMEGA & ALINGHI Team Up On An Elite Sailing-Inspired Speedmaster Watch

When we think of renowned Swiss brands, ALINGHI is probably not one of the first outfits that come to mind. And that’s a shame because not only is the all-original nautical company focused on the precise implementation of athleticism, prestige, and unique architecture in and out of the water, but they’ve become a symbol of the deep, diverse world of sailing, capturing the interest of some of the sport’s most prominent sponsors. OMEGA is one such company, and now, the two have revealed a special-edition Speedmaster tailored to the team’s recognizable colors.

To celebrate ALINGHI’s unique catamaran designs, OMEGA has decided to create a bespoke edition of its Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster, dressing it in a blackened diamond polish, a red alternative minute track, and a main plate/barrel bridge that has been laser-ablated to mirror the ALINGHI TF35’s honeycomb hull. At its center, a prominent ALINGHI logo makes its debut, straddling the watch’s tactical black carbon-patterned dial. The 6 o’clock sub-dial disc, which has been sandblasted and anodized, rotates whenever the Speedmaster’s chronograph is used, adopting a black, red, and white hue seen atop the team’s iconic boats as they churn in the sea before each big race. Pricing and availability have yet to be revealed, but you can head to OMEGA’s website for a closer look.

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