Ombraz Sunglasses

Sunglasses, it sometimes seems, are made to be broken and lost. We’ve all at some point had to retire a pair (or two) after catching a soccer ball to the face, having them fall off in a lake, or just misplaced. Ombraz, unlike your common pair of sunglasses, are purpose built to stand up to all of that abuse and more.

Instead of featuring a pair of temples for resting around your ears, these sunglasses boast a built-in adjustable cord with a minimalist sliding knot for tightening around your head. This setup makes it so your shades won’t slip off while you’re on the trail, hitting the slopes, or working on that new bouldering route. But that isn’t all these things offer. The actual frames are made from a premium acetate, and feature polarized ZEISS lenses for keeping your peepers safe and shaded on bright and sunny days. Long story short, these are the perfect sunglasses for summer adventure.

Purchase: $160