Olympus Forgoes Modern Trends With The ‘Lifeproof’ TG-6 Camera

Amidst an industry that has its eyes set on the renovation of modern mirrorless technology, expansive resolutions, and large format offerings, Olympus has decided to take a step back from the fray. The company’s newly announced Tough TG-6 “rugged” handheld camera is a compact, lightweight platform that doesn’t bring a lot to the table in terms of “tech” — instead, it focuses on something a bit different.

The 12-megapixel Tough TG-6 was built for those with an active lifestyle, boasting a 12-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch backside-illuminated sensor that doesn’t bow to the large resolutions of its competitors. To capture the attention of consumers, the company has, instead, opted to vie for the title of the “world’s most modular point and shoot” camera, bringing a number of accessories, converters, and external devices into the camera’s (already) capable catalog. In addition to two separate ring lights, three different optical converters, and durable underwater housing, the life-proof camera boasts waterproofing capabilities that allow it to be submerged to depths of 50 feet, a shockproof exterior that can handle falls with ease, and freezeproof internals that will still operate in chilling 14-degree weather. If you’re interested in a lightweight, modular kit that can go anywhere, the Tough TG-6 is available now for only $450.

Purchase: $450