Olloclip iPhone X Lens System

Though the iPhone X did not mark a pivotal change in the features or functionality of its preceding iteration, it did represent a key step forward in one aspect of the iPhone: photography. For a while there, #portraitmode was blowing up the Internet. Now, you can take portrait-mode to an even higher level of focus, with the Olloclip iPhone X photography lens kit.

The new lens kit offers unprecedented crispness and clarity for a mobile phone camera. All-told, three lenses come in the set. A fisheye lens offers a 180-degree spherical effect, a super-wide, 4-element lens yields over 120-degree field of view; and a Macro which can magnify 15x, allowing telescopic ranger, or extreme closeups, so that we might see every pore in a portrait. All lenses work on both front and rear cameras, and can be switched out with ease. Exclusively made for iPhone X, the Olloclip delivers the detail of a DSLR in your pocket.

Purchase: $100