Olivers Passage Pant

If you are an active guy, you know how hard it can be to find work appropriate clothes that don’t constrain or restrict movement. They are out there, but few and far between. One stand out among that thin (but growing) crowd, however, is Olivers new Passage Pant.

These pants are made from a mixture of nylon and spandex threaded together with Cordura for a durable and long lasting fit that articulate with your movement. Throw these on and you’ll feel like you’re in activewear meant for the outdoors or the gym, but you’ll look ready for work or a day running chores in the city. They’re ultra breathable, flexible (they feature a four-way stretch), and water repellent so you can jam off to work on your bike, or head to the climbing gym without feeling like you need change clothes. Prices are set at $148. [Purchase]

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