Oliver Sweeney Secret Derby Shoe

Outfitted as what could certainly pass as a sophisticated derby, this Oliver Sweeney dress shoe serves a much more secretive purpose. Here, hidden practically in plain sight are a series of secret compartments located inside the shoe that can house up to 6 gadgets (three in each) at a time.

It’s all illusively located within a fine wild Scottish deer leather construction built by Oliver Sweeney’s very own “Cobbler-in-Chief,” meaning the overall integrity here is nothing to shy away from. Moreover, the laces are made from Kevlar and can actually double as a friction saw in times of need while the leather sole can also be inscribed with any pertinent details you’d like to keep handy. Enjoy concealed carry of items such as a small Swiss army knife, bank notes, small camera, tracking device, or even a compass. Each pair is specially made to order based on your preferred shoe size, and typically ships within six weeks.

Purchase: $2,620