Olio Model One Smartwatch

Mar 31, 2015

Category: Tech

If the idea of having a full-fledged smartphone on your wrist seems redundant to you, but you’d still like something more than a face and two hands to tell time on, the Olio Model One might be the smartwatch for you.

Putting a noted emphasis on its elegant aesthetics and real-world functionality, the Olio Model One features a traditional watch layout as far as time telling goes, but there’s also concentric circles with varying towers that represent various functions, like notifications from your calendar, email, or incoming calls. The watch also promises to learn your style, recognizing what’s important to you and what’s not. Choose from a linked bracelet or leather strap, in stainless steel or black PVD, for $745 or $795. [Purchase]

Olio Model One Smartwatch 2

Olio Model One Smartwatch 3

Olio Model One Smartwatch 4

Olio Model One Smartwatch 5

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