Old Pond Residence By CCY Architects

Apr 4, 2019

Category: Living

The relevancy of atypical design is a prevalent characteristic throughout the work of modern-day architects — artists who create and destroy the notions of unilateral building practices, embody and exhale the ideas set forth by generational creators and reference the subtle tastes of seasonal design in each new project. The Old Pond Residence by Colorado’s CCY Architects is an homage to the extradited styles of Norway’s traditional cabin makers — allowing their preservative artform to be replicated in a land nearly a world away.

Amidst Aspen, Colorado’s expansive, snow-swept wilderness, the Old Pond Residence has taken form. As a dwelling that has devised a way to coexist with the area’s curvaceous rockfaces, towering scrub oak, and sagebrush trees, the secluded home stands atop an 11-acre plot of land overlooking the White River National Forest. Below, the lauded Snowmass ski area has embedded itself within the sloping countryside. Scandanavia’s architectural influence is ominously prevalent throughout the space’s multiple living areas, referencing angular wooden furniture, vertically-stretching panels, and varying levels of polished concrete. During the summer months, the dwelling acts as a cozy, one-bedroom retreat for its proprietors — however, should the cabin’s denizens wish to host friends and family, an additional guest wing, complete with a sauna, spa, fireplace, and stacked wood can accommodate up to 14 other individuals for entertainment and socialization.

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