Okto Superyacht

Jan 7, 2016

Category: Rides

The majority of yachts you see take a more classic design, seemingly afraid to change things up in the design department. The OKTO Superyacht isn’t one of those yachts, though, as its design is incredibly sleek and modern.

It’s created by Italian shipyard ISA Yachts, and it’s a long 66 meters in length. It has a spacious main deck that has 80 square meters. Of course, it wouldn’t be a luxury superyacht if it didn’t have its own infinity pool that can be heated or cooled, and it’s own helipad. It also has a jacuzzi and a gym that utilizes oversized windows and a skylight to create the feeling that you’re outdoors. What’s more, the main suite has its own private balcony that shows itself at the push of a button. This gorgeous boat can be purchased for $64M or rented for $500k/week. [Purchase]

Okto Superyacht 1

Okto Superyacht 2

Okto Superyacht 3

Okto Superyacht 4

Okto Superyacht 5

Okto Superyacht 6

Okto Superyacht 7

Okto Superyacht 8

Okto Superyacht 9

Okto Superyacht 10

Okto Superyacht 11

Okto Superyacht 12

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