Okki Nokki Record Cleaner

Whether you’ve got a record stash from the 60s, or just dig the retro warmth that comes with playing music on vinyl, you’ve surely learned that caring for your copy of Frampton Comes Alive! Requires more TLC than an mp3.

Designed in the Netherlands, the Okki Nokki Record Cleaner is a fully automatic European-designed record cleaning machine that promises to preserve your precious vinyl for years to come. Using a heavy-duty motor and turntable with a vacuum tube, the record spins as a proprietary cleaning fluid and goat-hair brush comb your platter clean. A suction arm removes any residual dirt and fluid, and just like that, your 12” single of Rump Shaker is ready to spin at the next wedding or bat mitzvah you DJ. [Purchase]

Okki Nokki Record Cleaner 2