Enjoy Calm Relaxation & Focus With oHHo’s Hemp Flower CBD Sticks

Jul 27, 2020

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Using a special hydrocarbon extraction method, oHHo has quickly become one of the leading players in the emerging cannabidiol (or “CBD”) space, delivering therapeutic, live rosin-derived full-spectrum oils that afford many of the medicinal properties tied to CBD without containing any mind-altering, psychoactive effects. And oHHo has now linked up with Omura to offer a novel CBD delivery method in the form of a vaporizer and accompanying CBD flower sticks.

For the joint effort, oHHo’s created new 12-packs of hemp flower sticks that are compatible with Omura’s vaporizer and contain an impressive 19% CBD content, while only boasting 0.001% THC — an amount so insignificant that it yields absolutely zero intoxicating effects. The Omura vaporizer operates at between 300° and 430° F, unlocking the flower’s medicinal properties — along with an excellent taste — without causing any harmful combustion, so you’re only inhaling vapors rather than smoke. Containing 0.17-grams of ground flour, the sticks are made from top-shelf whole buds sourced from New York, rather than the shake, popcorn buds, and trim that’s found in most prerolls. oHHo and Omura have created a convenient starter kit containing the vaporizer and a 12-pack of New York hemp CBD flower sticks for $70 — though oHHo’s 12-packs are also available individually for $30.

Purchase: $70


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