A Push Of A Button Converts This Off-Road Trailer Into Camp Mode

We may only be three months into the year, but we’ve already seen more than our fair share of campers. From all-electric teardrops to two-story RV’s to yacht-inspired trophy trucks, there has been no shortage of innovative offerings promising to revolutionize your mobile accommodation experience. And muddling the field even further is Offline Campers’ latest model.

They’re calling it the ‘Domino,’ and it’s effectively a compact tow-behind designed to go from trailer to camper with the push of a button. When in ‘travel mode,’ a pair of rear doors allow access to the interior bed and storage, making it an efficient setup for short stays. However, should you be in need of a more spacious abode, you can automatically deploy an electrically-operated annex tent out of the rear hatch, providing a further two meters (6.6ft) of coverage. And the Domino is more than just a cool party trick; with a queen-sized bed, a slide-out kitchen, a 105L water tank, and a solar panel-fed 200Ah battery, it comes with everything you could need to get some isolation off the grid. It’s a good thing too, because its steel chassis and Cruisemaster XT twin-shock independent suspension will take you there. It’s available starting at $50,000.

Purchase: $50,000