Keep A Mask On You Always With This Waterproof Keychain Emergency Capsule

With masks being an enforceable entry requirement for most indoor public spaces, they’ve become an essential component of our everyday carry. However, while we’re well-accustomed to having our phones, wallets, and keys on us wherever we go, it’s taken some practice to integrate these coverings into our daily routine. Try as we might to be diligent about bringing them along, at one point or another, everyone has experienced the feeling of a forgotten face mask.

But thanks to the ‘off your face’ case, you never have to be without a mask on your person. Designed to hold one disposable face mask, it clips onto your keychain for easy carrying convenience. It’s also made from Grade 6 aluminum and it includes waterproof gaskets around the threads, ensuring that it keeps your face covering safe and dry. But the best part is that at only 60mm in length 23mm in diameter, it’s incredibly compact, so you’ll barely even notice that it’s there. Available in multiple colors and finishes, you can back it today on Kickstarter from $13.

Kickstarter: $13+