Off Road Tandem Bicycle

Off Road Tandem Bicycle 1
The traffic on Valentine’s Day this year is gonna be brutal. It’s on a Friday, first of all, and with all this Olympic figure skating on TV, estrogen levels are expected to be off the charts. We say stay off the highway and take this Calfee-Ellsworth Witness Full Suspension Off Road Tandem bicycle for a spin on your nearest dirt trail.

Usually those tandem bikes are only good for awkward pedaling on touristy trips, but this bike promises something different. It’s light, strong, handles with crispness, generates premium pedal power, and is superb at absorbing shocks (note: this does not count the shock your girl will feel when you tell her you’re going bike riding instead of out to an overpriced dinner). Ellsworth’s patented Instant Center Tracking (ICT) tuned four-bar linkage design provides true zero-energy loss to suspension function, and what that means is minimized rider fatigue—which will come in handy as your lady chases you home.

Off Road Tandem Bicycle 2