Oddball Drum Machine

Have you ever felt like that your life was worthy of a soundtrack? Some percussion accompanying you as you make the walk down to the park or to grab of coffee would really enliven your day. Get the ball rolling, so to speak. The Oddball Drum Machine from Oddball Studios is a super fun way to kick off your day, and put a bounce in your step.

Playing with a bouncy ball is an age-old pastime. But at some point, we got over it. It’s too one-dimensional. Though of the same spirit as the rubber balls of our youth, the Oddball will never grow tedious, thanks to the incredible features with which Oddball Studios has infused it. A whole new element to the bouncy ball design has completely swung the toy in a new direction – music. With pressure sensitive haptic tech, the Oddball will strike up a satisfying drum beat as you bounce it, hitting when it contacts the ground and also when you catch it. Using the Oddball app that connects to the ball via Bluetooth, you can configure exactly what sounds you want to play (bass, snare, cymbal, clap, etc.) in order to craft the sickest beats. Then, you can loop, record and overdub your beats. Easily rechargeable by USB, the Oddball Drum Machine packed inside a bouncy ball is the ultimate in portable urban toys.

Purchase: $65+