This Monitor Is The Industry’s Thinnest Touchscreen Peripheral

There’s no shortage of portable monitors out there. And with compact workspace enhancements taking center stage this year, it seems that every prominent developer has found a way to promote its own on-the-go peripheral. But Odake’s BladeX and BladeX Pro monitors depart from the drab design principles set forth by other brands, bringing users an incredible evolution of the modern tech piece.

The Odake BladeX and BladeX Pro have been released under the guise of compact modularity, boasting one of the industry’s slimmest, and most capable monitors for use alongside tablets, consoles, laptops, and mobile devices. Essentially, anything with a USB-C or HDMI connection can be utilized, pairing seamlessly with the peripheral’s 15.6-inch display. But what makes the BladeX so special is its design — a slimline, 0.2-inch monitor section that relies on its 0.35-inch stand for a handful of amenities. Here, you’ll find connections for everything from Micro-USB and HDMI, to jacks and inputs for headphones and USB-C. At 1.89-pounds, the BladeX is as lightweight as they come, and thanks to an adaptable orientation (for vertical, horizontal, handheld, and “tabletop” use), tech-savvy buyers will have a difficult time picking out the device’s flaws. The BladeX, which features a 1,920 x 1,080 FHD touchscreen, is slated to retail for around $209 via the company’s Indiegogo, while the upgraded BladeX Pro, which features a 3,840 x 2,160 4K UHD non-touchscreen, tops out at $309.

Purchase: $209+