Ocean Space Habitat Underwater Tent

The massive depths of the ocean hold mysteries we have yet to discover, but with technology advancing at a rapid rate, it looks like we’ll able to do more research to immerse ourselves further into sea life. National Geographic explorer Michael Lombardi and New York University associate professor Winslow Burleson have designed and recently patented the Ocean Space Habitat underwater tent to provide a deep sea headquarters for divers.

The Ocean Space Habitat is a portable life-support system, allowing divers to stay underwater longer and dive deeper. The submersible tent will allow deep sea explorers the chance to eat, nap, and even decompress in the water. Several scuba divers can enter the inflatable basecamp and use it as a recompression shelter, making it perfect for rest or emergency situations. We’re all temporary visitors of the sea, but with the highly portable Ocean Space Habitat device, we can extend our stay.

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