This Innovative Buoy Creates A 26′ Safe Zone That Wards Off Sharks

In 2018, there were only 66 proven, unprovoked shark attacks — of which only four were fatal. In fact, being bitten by a shark is one of the least likely ways to perish, behind things like lightning strikes, car accidents, and heart disease. That being said, the data doesn’t do much to alleviate our ocean-going fears, which is why we’d prefer to stack the deck with the Ocean Guardian BOAT01 buoy.

Powered by the brand’s Shark Shield technology, the world’s only proven shark deterrent, this handy device is extremely simple to use. In fact, all you have to do is make sure that it is powered up — either by charging the onboard lithium battery or connecting it to your boat’s power system — and deploy it off the back of your vessel. Once in the water, the buoy creates an electromagnetic field that’s over 26′ deep and nearly 20′ wide that completely wards off sharks without causing the seafaring predators any harm. Even better, up to four of these devices can be synced together to create a “virtual net” for an even larger safety zone. Available for pre-order now, this digital shark-repelling buoy will cost you $2,999 each.

Purchase: $2,999