Ocean Eyeware by Karun x Bureo

Nearly 10% of all plastics pollution comes from abandoned or lost fishing nets. That waste can be extremely harmful to marine animals – which often get caught and die in it. After learning about this issue, a couple of creative Chilean companies have decided to actually do something about it by turning these nets into stylish eyewear.

With the help of the skateboard company Bureo (which already makes up all of its skateboard decks from the up-cycled material), sunglasses maker Karun has used harvested fishing nets as the primary material in their newest line of sunglasses. The designers at the company took a lot of inspiration from the ocean when coming up with their design, incorporating the look, feel, and geometry of the ocean into the build of these shades. Complete with Carl Zeiss 100% UVA UVB lenses, not only are you doing a good thing by supporting this endeavor, you’ll look good doing it. These specs are starting at $140. [Purchase]

Ocean Eyeware By Karun x Bureo 3

Ocean Eyeware By Karun x Bureo 4

Ocean Eyeware By Karun x Bureo 2