Oakley X Metal Collection

Feb 17, 2015

Category: Style

When you’re a successful company, sometimes you can afford to roll the dice. Oakley did just that back in the 90s with its X Metal line of shades, using high-tech materials and radical designs to set itself apart from the typical eyewear. Now, after a hiatus, the X Metal Collection is back.

The new X Metal collection features two designs (Madman and Badman) that combine lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and the company’s trademark O Matter frame material. Both speak the aggressive industrial design language of the X Metal DNA, but the Madman glasses, with their evil scientist vibe, are the real attention-getters. The comfortable Three-Point Fit is even enhanced with the sure grip of “Unobtainium” components, which we hadn’t heard much about since Avatar. [Purchase]

Oakley X Metal Collection 2

Oakley X Metal Collection 3

Oakley X Metal Collection 4

Oakley X Metal Collection 5

Oakley X Metal Collection 6

Oakley X Metal Collection 7

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