Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

Aimed squarely at cyclists, Oakley’s new Jawbreaker sunglasses are all about giving you the best view possible—pretty important stuff when you’re competing with SUVs for road space.

Oakley extended the field of view in the upper peripheral region from its previous sport performance frames, so you’re sure to see as much stuff as your eyeballs can handle. Oakley’s Switchlock technology lets you raise the nosepiece, open the frame, and easily swap one lens for another. You can also adjust the temples to three different lengths for helmet compatibility. Lightweight yet strong, the Jawbreakers feature impact resistance and optical precision at the level of ANSI Z87.1 (that certainly sounds excellent), and the Polaric Ellipsoid geometry promises vivid vision. Choose from a variety of color combinations and lens options and ride off into the sunset with supreme eyesight. [Purchase]

Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses 2

Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses 3