Oakley DRT5 MTB Helmet

Although Oakley has always put their sunglasses at the forefront, they’ve dipped into other gear as well, including backpacks, apparel, and helmets. They’ve poured their incredible talent and experience into the creation of their latest helmet called the DRT5, which is a mountain biking helmet designed with consideration for your sun blockers.

With the help of world champion downhill mountain bike rider Greg Minnaar, Oakley has created a mountain bike skull protector featuring mechanical clips to stow your favorite shades on the back of the helmet. For the perfect fit for your dome, the DRT5 has a BOA FS1-1 System, which is a height adjustable 360° design, and a TX1 lace retention system, allowing your eyewear to rest on the helmet securely. And, Oakley’s new helmet features the latest MIPS technology, protecting your skull from impacts coming from any angle. The skull shield will be available on March 1st.

Purchase: $200