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Oak & Eden’s Award-Winning Wine-Infused Bourbon Makes A Triumphant Return

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From an outside perspective or from a purist angle, the crafting of bourbon whiskey might seem fairly rigid, requiring very specific ingredients in very specific amounts to even qualify as “bourbon” at all. However, clever craftsmen — like those at Oak & Eden — have recognized that one can remain true to traditional methods while still offering an innovative take on old-school spirits. For instance, their Bourbon & Vine wine-infused seasonal whiskey has just returned for the third time — and it’s better than ever.

A collaboration with the six-time gold medal-winning Marker Cellars Winery, this spectacular spirit stands apart thanks to the fact that it’s finished with a Cabernet Sauvignon-steeped French Oak spire. Of course, before it was ever prepped and finished for bottling, it started life as Oak & Eden’s four-time gold medal award-winning Bourbon whiskey, which was already a spectacular place to start. The end result is a subtly sweet, fruity, and surprisingly deep spirit that’s excellent for sipping neat, on-the-rocks, and even adds a unique twist to traditional cocktails. Get a bottle now for $55.

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