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O2 Treehouse’s Modular Lattice Treewalkers Elevate Glamping Adventures

O2 Treehouse is one of the leading players in the world of treetop construction. From unique geodesic domes to entire treehouse villages, the custom builds coming out of the California studio are routinely groundbreaking in design. With the addition of the Treewalkers franchise-hospitality brand, you too can own one of O2 Treehouse’s wildly popular eco experiences.

The Treewalker model is centered around the concept of franchise-based hospitality. Franchisees can start their Treewalker village with one or more units, with the option to add further units based on demand. This is made possible by the Treewalker’s innovative modular lattice design — it caters to the individual’s needs and allows for a variety of customization options. The Treewalker also comes standard with a bug-proof outer socket, interior furniture, and canvas canopy roofing. As part of the franchise program, hosts have the option to open up their Treewalker to other hosts in exchange for points that can be used towards other stays. Finally, O2 Treehouse estimates a 1-3 year return on investment based on a rate of $150 per night, occupied for 30-60% of the year. You can purchase a Treewalker glamping treehouse starting from $35,000.

Purchase: $35,000+