Breathe Easy In Any Conditions With O2 Tactical’s TR2 Tactical Respirator

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When operating in the field, it’s important to ensure that your lungs are always protected. A compromised mission area can be a powerful deterrent to the success of you and your team, meaning that important directives might not be met. For situations where clean air inhalation is of the utmost importance, O2 Tactical has created the TR2 Tactical Respirator — a lightweight, low-profile filtration system design in unison with Tier 1 operators.

Whether you’re a special forces operative or a civilian who’s looking to take a more utilitarian approach toward the procurement of clean air, O2 Tactical’s well-designed tactical respirator offers one of the most novel experiences on the market. Its lightweight, modular design allows for use alongside various different kit configuration and tactical setups and features a soft-touch medical-grade silicone construction to promote comfortable donning and doffing. An ultra-breathable architecture and 99% effective performance statistic mean that you can spend more time focusing on the mission at hand, without having to worry about bulky, cumbersome systems or complicated application procedures. The TR2 will also work alongside various Peltor headset platforms and Invisio headsets, thanks to proprietary mic integration, making it a new standard for operators (and civilians) around the globe. Head to O2 Tactical’s website to pre-order the TR2 Tactical Respirator for $225.

Purchase: $225