Stream 1,000+ Steam Games With NVIDIA’s Mac-Compatible Cloud-Based Service

After supplying the world’s most powerful computers with graphics processing units (GPUs), and dominating the competitive landscape for the past decade, NVIDIA has decided to step into the realm of accessible, cloud-based gaming. And the best part? It’s already more promising than Google’s Stadia service.

Like the Stadia, NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW program offers users an accessible service that looks to upend the gaming industry as a whole. PC users account for over 1.2 billion individuals in the current market, making the platform the industry’s most popular medium for online and in-home entertainment use. But the fact remains that most of these users cannot play modern games at optimal levels, thanks to the increasing cost (and performance) of updated GPUs. To remedy this, NVIDIA is offering its very own streaming service, allowing you to partake in virtually any recently-released title via your laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV or Android mobile device, without having to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a modernized PC setup. With over 1,000 games already in its library, GeForce NOW promises users precision keyboard and mouse gameplay, as well as added optimization for game controllers, appeasing both camps. And unlike other streaming services, once you pay for the game, it’s yours forever. Head to NVIDIA’s website — where you can sign up for either a free trial or a $5/month Founder’s subscription — to learn more.

Purchase: $5+