NuraLoop Adaptive Earbuds

There are a lot of headphones that boast a custom fit, hi-fi sound, or a number of other factors that make them “the best.” But the truth is, the only way you’re getting the best audio experience is if the sound coming out of your ‘phones has been customized specifically to your hearing. And that’s exactly what the NuraLoop Adaptive Earbuds have to offer.

Based on the same technology in Nura’s first over-ear offering, this new edition packs the same tech into a much more compact wireless format. Featuring a built-in audio test that uses otoacoustic emissions, these earbuds adjust the sound profile specifically to your personal hearing — revealing details in the sound you might otherwise miss with lesser headphones. They’re also said to be water-resistant, offer up active noise-canceling and a Social Mode (which lets you hear the world around you), and include an optional 3.5mm detachable magnetic cable (in case you want to go wired). Pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

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