Nui Studios Mygdal Lamp

Apr 1, 2016

Category: Living

When it comes to testing out your green thumb – the plant is only half the story. How you pot it, where you place it, and how you take care of it are just as important – if not more so. The folks at Nui Studio have designed a new and unique way to do just that with the Mygdal Lamp, a piece that is part potted plant, part light.

Perfect for those who live in windowless or dark spaces but want to lighten them up with plant life, this LED Lamp Mygdal creates a completely autonomous ecosystem. Once you pot your plant inside the hand blown glass lamp, they photosynthesize naturally in the enclosure. Depending on how you want to set it up – you can either hang these or set them up on a table or any other flat surface. No sun needed.

Nui Studios Mygdal Lamp 1

Nui Studios Mygdal Lamp 02

Nui Studios Mygdal Lamp 3

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