Nudie Boards: Retro Style Handmade Skateboards

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Everything seemed simpler in the 70s; this was when all it took to amuse a teenage boy for a few hours was a Farrah Fawcett poster. UK-based Nudie Boards recognizes both the power of the original Charlie’s Angels as well as a simpler skateboard.

These handmade, 70s-style longboards and skateboards are made from hardwood and rubbed down with only natural oils and waxes. This method gives the boards their unique surfboardesque visual qualities while also maintaining the core’s stability—even while remaining quite light. Each board gets hot branded and numbered, and you can even opt to have a name or message put on there before the final layer of finish is added. Maybe ‘David Loves Farrah’ or something like that. Works better if your name is David.

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